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Welcome to the Sexual Abuse & Boundaries Self-Assessment

Trust is the cornerstone of the patient-practitioner relationship with an inherent power imbalance in favour of the Naturopathic Doctor. As such it is the Registrant’s responsibility to establish and maintain appropriate professional boundaries with patients. This includes refraining from any conduct that is or could be perceived as sexual abuse or sexual in nature.

As regulated health professionals, Naturopathic Doctors have a responsibility to do all that they can to establish and maintain appropriate therapeutic relationships and boundaries with patients, prevent the sexual abuse of patients and to assist health regulatory colleges fulfil their mandate to protect the public and to hold registrants accountable for their actions.

This self-assessment tool has been developed to help Registrants meet their professional and legal obligations and to advise on how to establish and maintain appropriate therapeutic relationships and professional boundaries with patients.  It uses questions to help you assess your current practices and ND-patient relations, and should be read in conjunction with the resources listed below:

Remember, the College has zero tolerance for sexual abuse, and it is always the Naturopathic Doctor’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate boundaries are maintained, regardless of the patient’s behaviour.
How versed are you in the RHPA, standards and guidelines on sexual abuse and boundaries?

 Answer these questions to find out.

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