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It's that time again!! Every April and October we ask camp directors to respond to a few questions about camper enrollment and staff recruitment for that year (see www.acacamps.org/research/improve/enrollment-recruitment-survey for past survey results). We want to ask you how enrollment and recruitment are going for this spring as compared to last year at this time. If you operate BOTH a day camp and resident camp, PLEASE COMPLETE TWO SEPARATE SURVEYS - one with your day camp information and one with your resident camp information. We need everyone's information, so we can continue to establish an accurate baseline for future reference and to develop trends in our industry. The survey is completely anonymous and can't be linked back to your camp. These DATA ARE IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US IN THE CAMP COMMUNITY! Please help us provide an accurate picture about enrollment and recruitment by taking less than 10 minutes to respond to this survey! The more directors that participate, the more realistic our story will be! Thank you!