The ASU represents workers' interests in a range of forums and advocates broadly for local government workers across the industry.  We are curious how the Gender Equality Act is being implemented.  To get a snapshot of this, we have designed a short 2 minute survey.  This information will be used to ensure that the Act is being implemented as it is intended.

Responses will be kept confidential, and only collective and deidentified information will be used.


Question Title

* 1. What best describes your level of awareness or involvement in the following areas of GE Act Implementation in your workplace?
(Please select the best description on each point - I am not aware/informed/asked to be consulted/involved in consultation process)

  I am not aware Aware Informed Asked to be consulted Involved in consultation process
Overall Gender Equality Act rights and responsibilities
Gender impact assessments
Workplace gender audits
Gender equality action plans

Question Title

* 2. Are you interested in getting involved with gender equality activities at your workplace?

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* 3. Are you an ASU member?

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* 4. Contact Details:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey

The ASU, as always, ARE BY YOUR SIDE

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Authorised by Lisa Darmanin, Branch Secretary, Victorian & Tasmanian Authorities & Services Branch
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