Introduction and guidance

This questionnaire is designed to build industry consensus on a protocol that will enable the re-opening of retail stores in airports and on board ferries and cruise ships in the wake of COVID-19.

The survey includes specific questions on inflight sales, and on border stores and downtown stores which may be subject to domestic market guidelines.

Your responses will help develop and shape common industry guidelines ensuring the consistency across locations and outlets critical to gaining permission to re-open, to restoring staff and customer confidence all fundamental to sales recovery.

You are asked to state whether you agree (YES/NO) with the inclusion of each measure which should be a swift exercise. However, you are also invited in each case to give comments and these will be particularly important on some subjects such as store access and product demonstrations, so we would be grateful if you would take the time to give more complete answers where you can.

In completing the questionnaire please assume that some physical distancing measures will be required to be implemented.

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