Dear participant,

Thank you for taking part in this experiment. You will be asked some questions concerning yourself and your pain.

In particular, you will be asked to write about:
  • Your entire story of experiencing chronic pain (around 300 words)
  • The story of your family (around 300 words)
  • All the words and sayings (including sounds and swearing) you use to express your pain
It is very important that you do the task by yourself, without any help and any interference from anyone. This is because we are interested in how you describe your pain and your family, even if there are grammar and spelling mistakes.

Since this might be quite a laborious task, we suggest you take some time (even some days) to think about it and to draft your thoughts.

Remember: this must be your original work!

Once you are happy with what you wrote, you can copy it into the online survey. We recommend writing your drafts on your computer using a word processor (for example Microsoft Word) as the program will be able to keep count of the number of words you typed in.

If you want to share anything else you feel you need to use to describe your experience of chronic pain (such as photos, drawings, or images), please feel free to upload the material at the end of the survey (PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, JPEG and GIF files will be accepted. If you wish to share a file that is not supported, please contact Dr Valeria Bellan at valeria.bellan@unisa.edu.au).

We would like to remind you that your answers and all the material you decide to share will be anonymous and that you can withdraw from the study at any time.