1. Qualifying questions

Hello and thank you for your interest in our study about job seeking. To help us see if you qualify, please answer the questions below. If you are chosen to participate in this interesting and fun study, you will receive between $50 and $200 to thank you for your time and feedback.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Which of the following best describes your current employment status?

* 4. How long have you been at your current job?

* 5. Are you currently seeking a new job?

* 6. What type of job are (were) you looking for?

* 7. How long have you been looking for a new job?

* 8. Do (did) you use the internet to look for new job opportunities?

* 9. Do you use a smartphone or tablet to help in your job search?

* 10. Have (did) you used social media to look for new job opportunities
(LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)?

* 11. What social media sites do you use?

* 12. How often have (did) you used social media for your search?

* 13. Are you looking for a job at a specific company?

* 14. In the past 3 months, have you applied for a job on a specific company website?

* 15. Which of these describes your household?

* 16. Can you please tell us which of the following best describes where you live?

* 17. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

* 18. Which of these best describes your ethnicity?

* 19. How did you learn about this study?

* 20. May we contact you in the future about other paid market research studies?

Thank you very much for answering our questions! We will follow up with you by telephone very soon if you appear to qualify for this study.

* 21. Please provide your contact information below.