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* 1. On a scale from 1 (not at all interesting) to 7 (extremely interesting), please rate how interesting each topic is to you. By interesting, we mean how likely you would be to attend an event about this topic. The more interesting a topic is to you, the higher you would rate it. The less interesting a topic is to you, the lower you would rate it. If you are not interested in a topic, please leave that rating box blank.

  1-Not at all interesting 2 3 4 5-Extremely interesting
IABC awards and accreditation: what are they and why do they matter
Mentorship within your organization: how to find a mentor, contribute as a mentor
Community engagement: how to connect to your public and move them to participate
The home stretch: how to plan the last years of your career
Internal communications: best practices for connecting with staff members
Writing for social media: how is it different, what are some tips
International audiences: how to connect with them
Changing news media: how has the news media changed over the past several years
Social media analytics: how to find them and what do they mean
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