Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Your answers are anonymous and private. We will use the total of all responses to help us plan future programs and services.

* 1. How long have you been a consumer at NCCI?

* 2. Did the services you received at NCCI help you become more independent?

* 3. The staff treated you with courtesy and respect?

* 4. The staff listened to your concerns?

* 5. The staff did a good job of advising me?

* 6. Did you learn about the many services available at NCCI?

* 7. Did you learn about the independent living philosophy?

* 8. Did you receive services in a reasonable amount of time?

* 9. Are you satisfied with the services you received at NCCI?

* 10. Will you return to the center if you should need services again?

* 11. Would you refer a friend or family member to NCCI if they needed services?

* 12. Overall, how satisfied are you with NCCI

* 13. What is your preferred method of communication?

* 14. If you've read NCCI's weekly bulletin, how useful is it to you?

* 15. What do you think of NCCI's website at