Would You Participate in this type of crowd-source account?

Do you believe ... "today's music ain't got the same soul ... I love that Old Time Rock & Roll!" Do you flip back to 1967 and the "Summer of Love" when "Light My Fire" first time-warped your mind? Welcome!

If you've come here from Blast from Your Past or Penchant from Penning, then you know what this survey is about. If not, I'm merely gathering opinions on whether a crowd source account is a great idea* to fund a Boomer's fantasy - turning it into a reality. It's the 50th anniversary of (1967's) Summer of Love ... 2017 Golden Summer of Love™
     Plan A - My Yacht-Dream: as an Oldies Rock & Roll Radio Ambassador™, cruise from port-to-port hosting events celebrating the enjoyment and education of Oldies Rock & Roll - 1950s through 1970s ('80s) - and the pioneering Radio Disc Jockeys who turned us on to them.
     Plan B - Same events, but using whatever affordable ground / air transportation is available.

Read more about my Blast from Your Past dreams, goals, and fantasies (click the link) and let me know if you might participate in a crowd-sourced funding of this type of events project! It's a book signing tour, a hippie-dippy party, a love-in and a chance for Boomers to sing, dance, and reminisce about the Golden Days of Rock & Roll Radio. Let the Good Times Roll!
(*This is not a solicitation for dollars - simply a query as to whether you might contribute, and ask for your comments.)

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* 1. Do you think a crowd-source funding account for the 2017 Golden "Summer of Love" Event Tour is a GREAT idea?

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* 2. Would you contribute to this Boomer fantasy-to-reality dream tour?