Seeking stories of Shift

I'm starting a new show and blog around stories of Shift. defines shift as "put (something) aside and replace it by another". In this idea of Shift I am looking for stories where you challenged your truths and limitations until you felt a shift inside. That shift can be a new perspective, a new truth about your experience or huge learning moment.

Shift is important for the health of every human but for our world as a whole. My idea is that when we share these experiences, we inspire others to also shift.

There are sooooo many types of Shift. I give examples about money, but it can be about anything including relationships, career, personal power, confidence, building a house - you name it.

If you would like to share your story, either by Blab interview, guest posting or just giving me the juicy details so I can post, please complete the info below. If you want to speak on the show, I will be in touch in the next couple days about the schedule. 

Thank you! 

* 1. Address

* 2. When we tell your story of shift, what is the 1 major theme, lesson or idea around this particular story of shift? (If you have more than one story, please list it as Story 1:,  Story 2:, etc.

For example: One of my shifts was around money. I moved from thinking there was never enough to there is always enough.

* 3. In order to give me a better idea, can you give supporting ideas?
For example, if my topic was the one above, my supporting statements could be something like: 1. You can needlessly worry about money your entire life. 2. There is no shame in not having wealth. 3. Perspectives is based on whether you focus on scarcity or abundance.

* 4. I would like to offer to:

* 5. Are there more details to your story that you think should be mentioned? 

Thank you! I will be contacting you in the next few days about your story. I deeply appreciate your interest and look forward to connecting you to other shifters. Join me on the Inviting Shift Facebook page to stay in the loop on the upcoming show and blog. Let's inspire ourselves to see the world differently and learn to Invite Shift into our lives.