The Airfare Assistance Grant  offered by exporTT provides assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to participate in Trade Missions under the Export Booster Initiative, which was established by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, under the authorization of the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago.

The AAG offsets the airfare (at economy rate) of qualifying SMEs for one (1) person per company for their participation at Trade Missions, up to the value of [Five Thousand Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TT$5,000.00) for regional travel OR Ten Thousand Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TT$10,000.00)] for extra-regional travel .  Kindly note that the ceiling of coverage is $20,000 TTD per company per year.

The following criteria must be met in order to be considered:

1) The company must employ 50 persons or less;

2) The company must have an annual sales turnover of no more than TTD 10 Million;

3) The company must be exporting and/or export ready with regard to qualification for entry into the respective market; in other words, they should meet the requirements for export entry (labelling certification etc.) into the destination market;

A company can qualify for up to four missions per fiscal year (September – September) based on the value of the combined cost of travel. These missions must be hosted under the auspices of any BSO from Trinidad and Tobago which has support from exporTT for missions. A company can this benefit from the following scenarios:
I. Four (4) regional missions;
II. Two (2) regional missions and one (1) international mission; or
III. Two (2) international missions

If you have any questions concerning this grant you may contact Kenika Baldeo, Research Officer at exporTT at

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Kindly note that your application will be evaluated and an exporTT staff member will be in touch soon to advise of your qualification status. Please review the above before submitting to ensure that your answers are correct according to your knowledge.

Thank you for your application.