* 1. Are you completing this survey for yourself or on behalf of your child?

* 2. How old are you or your child?

* 3. What discipline(s) do you or your child currently partake in?

* 4. What level do you or your child currently compete in your discipline(s)?

* 5. How many injuries have you/your child received from riding or horse related incidents that caused physical impairment in some way for more than 12 hours?

* 6. What type of medical professional did you consult for these injuries, if any?

* 7. Have you or your child ever been injured at a competition? If yes, please write a brief summary of your incident, including your encounter with the facilities' emergency personnel.

* 8. In general, how satisfied were you with how your or your child's injuries were handled, cared for, and rehabilitated?

  1- Extremely Dissatisfied 2 3 4- Somewhat Dissatisfied 5 6- Somewhat Satisfied 7 8- Very Satisfied 9 10- Extremely Satisfeid

* 9. In the event of a horse related incident or injury, how safe do you feel at horse competitions or horse related events?

  1- Extremely Unsafe 2 3 4- Somewhat Unsafe 5 6- Somewhat Safe 7 8- Very Safe 9 10- Extremely Safe

* 10. Which of our services would you use/find helpful if they were available at competitions and in your area?