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* 10. What business model(s) does your company use? [select all that apply]

* 11. In the past 12 months, have you seen customer expectations change because of consumer / B2C retail experiences (online and offline)?

* 12. What tools / capabilities do your online buyers absolutely need in order to get done what they need on your site? [select all that apply]

* 13. What B2C-like practices that your organization currently uses influence revenue the most? [select 3]

* 15. Is channel conflict (ie cannibalization of direct sales by online) a concern?

* 16. What technologies have you ALREADY invested in over the last 18 months? [select all that apply]

* 17. If you had to pick ONE area, where DID you most focus your efforts in 2013? [select 1]

* 18. Where are the TOP 3 areas you WILL you focus in the coming 12 months? [select 3]

* 19. What are the 3 most important areas of focus for measuring success of your online business? [select 3]

* 20. Where have you seen the most improvement in the last 12 months? [select 1]

* 21. Which of the following complexities in your business are you currently addressing? [select all that apply]

* 22. How would you classify the state of Mobile Commerce at your organization? [select 1]

* 23. How would you classify the state of Social Commerce at your organization? [select 1]

* 24. How would you classify the state of digital / cross-channel customer experience initiative at your organization? [select 1]

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