In response to questions, concerns and opportunities regarding our Sunday morning schedule, and as we plan for September and the congregation’s life moving forward, we believe it is an excellent time to assess and perhaps adjust our worship schedule.  We need and value your input to do so.

In September we will continue with two morning services of worship – one traditional, one contemporary.  We are very open to adjusting times AND the order of services to best accommodate the most people.  We need your honest input on when you WOULD attend your worship of choice (and by implication, what times you would NOT attend a particular service!).

If it has an impact on your choices, at present, our inclination is to hold the Journey Class concurrent with the Contemporary service, and our KidsConnect Sunday School concurrent with the Traditional service.

Please check any of the times you would definitely attend Sunday morning worship if that was the only time that style was offered.  If you do not have a worship style preference, check times for both styles. If you would definitely NOT attend a particular event (e.g. Journey class, KidsConnect, Traditional Worship) simply leave those boxes unchecked.