1. Come and dream with us.

Help to shape the FUTURE of YOUR Lake Superior Zoo!

* 1. What are your three favorite animals/habitats?

* 2. What three new animals would you like to see at the Lake Superior Zoo? Please keep in mind our Northern climate and animals that are suited to our area.

* 3. Please rate each of the following animal habitats that you saw. If you did not visit an area, please select N/A.

  Poor Less than Average Average Better than Average Excellent N/A
Griggs Learning Center
Amur Tigers
Primate Conservation Center
Polar Shores
Snow Leopards
Kodiak Bears
African Lions
Australian Connection

* 4. Please rate the following items as they apply to a current visit.

  Poor Less than Average Average Better than Average Excellent
Overall Satisfaction
Value for Admission Price
Entertainment Experience
Educational Experience
Staff Courtesy

* 5. What did you like best about your most recent visit?

* 6. Did you experience any inconveniences during your most recent visit? If so, what were they?

* 7. Do you have any recommendations to help improve YOUR zoo?

* 9. What type(s) of promotion or advertising did you see or hear prior to your zoo visit?

* 10. Did you visit the Zoo's website to plan your Zoo visit?