INSTRUCTIONS: These learning benchmark questions focus on resident care teamwork and communication and their effect on quality and safety in resident care. Based on your knowledge of communication, teamwork, and resident care quality and safety, select the one BEST answer

* 1. A nurse is called to the phone to receive a telephone order from the doctor about a resident she is taking care of today. After clearly establishing the resident and physician identities, the BEST procedure for the nurse would be:

* 2. A nurse is very concerned about a resident he is taking care of and feels it would be best to have the attending APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) come to the bedside immediately to evaluate. Checking around the unit, he locates the APRN but she is busy dictating her notes. The nurse's BEST action is to:

* 3. A loud crash is heard inside a resident room. The charge nurse, nursing assistant, and physical therapist come running. The resident has fallen in the bathroom and is crying in pain. The charge nurse, as team leader, should:

* 4. A night nurse is concerned about the changing circumstances for a resident and knows it will be necessary to call and awaken the covering physician. Getting his thoughts and information together, he plans to structure the phone call using a proven structured communication technique, SBAR. He plans to introduce himself, identify the resident, and describe:

* 5. The medical director is evaluating a resident who likely will need an urgent transfer to the hospital emergency department (ED) Continuity of care and resident safety are usually enhanced by all of the following EXCEPT:

* 6. In the interest of resident care quality and safety, it is expected and mandatory that:

* 7. The attribute LEAST likely to be found in a team that is functioning in a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE manner is:

* 8. Recent research about the causes of errors in health care delivery focuses increasingly on:

* 9. Who is the leader in medical teams?

* 10. The best communication tool or method to get critical information to the whole team during an emergency or complex procedure is:

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