* 1. Which of the services have service endpoint enabled as of today (March 2018)

* 2. Are there any additional charges for Azure Service Endpoint

* 3. Do Azure Service endpoints provide optimal routing of traffic

* 4. What is the default region of the Service Endpoint

* 5. What will this Azure CLI return -
 az network vnet list-endpoint-services -l eastus

* 6. What will this Azure CLI will do 
az network vnet subnet update -g myRG -n mySubnet2 --vnet-name myVNet --service-endpoints Microsoft.Storage Microsoft.Sql

* 7. Your customer has VNET created via ASM , can they implement Service

* 8. What is the purpose of “Azure service tags” in your NSGs. 

* 9. Can service endpoint be added to new and existing subnets

* 10. User creating the Service should have permission on  "Microsoft.Network/JoinServicetoaSubnet". Is the above statement True or False