* 1. What is the key advantage for the developer when building on  Serverless

* 2. Serverless computing is driven by reacting to events and triggers happening in near-real-time—in the cloud. Is the statement is true or false.

* 3. How is serverless computing costed.

* 4. Which of the following Azure components are part of the serverless
computing platform.

* 5. What is Azure Functions.

* 6. What is Azure event grid.

* 7. You have to address interesting scenario , your customer wants to capture
events from Azure Resource. Which of the components you will recommend 
to try and capture the events information.

* 8. Which plan you should select for the Azure functions , if you want to get
charge only on consumption.

* 9. If you want to monitor real-time traffic , which options will you configure.

* 10. Is it possible to host Azure functions on Linux 

* 11. If you want to build stateful functions in a serverless environment , which of
the following software component you can use to build it.