* 1. Does Azure Web job use Azure Scheduler behind the scene to schedule jobs?

* 2. You have a job running in Canada East, what will happen there is a failure in
Canada East ?.

* 3. What is the purpose of "errorAction"

* 4. What feature set is not available in the Free Tier

* 5. Your customer is looking to downgrade from Premium to Standard tier. Is it
possible to move from higher to lower tier.

* 6. Your customer has a number of jobs that are scheduled to start at 1 AM. The daylight savings will be starting over the weekend. What will you advise your customer?

* 7. In your customer region Daylight savings is in place a, your Azure scheduler
job has to start at 1:00 AM.   You customer noticed the jobs are getting
started two hours early.  What is the reasoning behind the early start?

* 8. Select the best option to manage the Daylight saving challenges with Azure

* 9. Is it possible to trigger .exe or PS jobs from Azure Scheduler?