* 1. Pick the tiers of Azure Redis Cache

* 2. What tier the following Powershell will create
New-AzureRmRedisCache -ResourceGroupName myGroup -Name mycache -Location "North Central US"

* 3. Your customer wants to scale the Redis cache to Premium tier, currently, they are in Basic Tier. What will be the optimal path to move to Premium tier.

* 4. Your the customer wants to enable Geo-replication for the cache and they are currently using Standard tier. What will you advise your customer?

* 5. In a Geo-replication for Azure Redis Cache, you will set up a primary and secondary. What will be the state of the secondary cache?

* 6. When rebooting, your customer doesn't want to lose the data. What strategy will you adapt to retain the data during reboot?

* 7. Your customer is running a high volume online store and they cannot miss any cache information for more than few seconds. In this scenario, what you will recommend for Redis data persistence.

* 8. Where does AOF Stores the data?

* 9. Does Azure Redis tier provide  options to Schedule updates  on
the specific maintenance window?

* 10. What is the minimum frequency of collection of Redis Cache metrics?