* 1. What the minimum storage duration data should  be stored in the Cool storage tier

* 2. What is the availability of the Cool Storage Tier

* 3. If you enable RA-GRS redundancy option, does it increate the availability of the cool storage tier?

* 4. When does this event get fired ->  Microsoft.Storage.BlobCreated

* 5. Can you store a given object in all three (hot, cool, and archive) storage tiers in the same account?

* 6. A given data is stored in the Cool storage and gets deleted in 2 days instead
of 30 days. Will you be charged for early deletion?

* 7. All you customer storage is General Purpose v1 (GPv1) accounts, will they be able to take advantage of the storage tier.

* 8. Is it possible to migrate an existing GPv1 to GPv2 accounts

* 9. Within a single storage account,  is it possible to store Blobs from different
storage tiers (Hot, Cool and Archive)

* 10. Is it possible to set cool storage tiers as the default account access tier?