* 1. Is Azure Service bus Multi-Tenant or Single Tenant system?

* 2. How many receivers can a queue have ?

* 3. When you enable PeekLock, what will happen to the message in  the queue

* 4. If your system requires At-Least-Once delivery assurances, will you be able 
to use Peek Lock to implement the delivery assurance.

* 5. When you specify receive mode as  Peek Lock. Will the message be available
for to other processes during the lock duration?

* 6. What will happen when you apply Destructive Read on a Message

* 7. What will be the impact of Abandon() on a message

* 8. When you enable Batched store access does it affect the number of billable messaging operations,?

* 9. On which tier Express queues and topics is available ?