* 1. Does Azure SQL Database provide any default RBAC for managing Azure SQL DB or you have to create custom roles for managing Azure SQL DB

* 2. You are hosting a service that resides in its  VNET (VNET A ) and you have
configured  SQL Azure with a custom VNET (VNET B). How can a service
residing in VNET A can reach SQL service thats in the VNET B. Identify the 
optimal response. 

* 3. You are mentoring a new developers , she is tasked to get all the IP ranges of all the SQL Azure Database , so she can add it to NSG security rule set .
She is having trouble getting all the  SQL DB IP address and keeping it
updated regularly. How will you advise the developer.

* 4. If you enable "Allow access to Azure Services" - What will be the impact.

* 5. If you dont enable "Allow all Azure Services', will there be any impact on the 
native Azure services that are trying to access the service.

* 6. Your customers developer are complaining they are not able to access to SQL Azure through the SQL Server Management Studio. How will you troubleshoot the issue.

* 7. You are the senior cloud solution architect and your client compliance officer is looking for single and trusted source for all the Compliance and Trust information related to Azure and Azure SQL in particular , where will you direct him.

* 8. What is the key purpose of the Threat detection in the SQL Azure.

* 9. You customer is a startup and currently they are building a V1 of their
product. They are using SQL Azure as their backend database and
currently they are using outlook.com as their email id.  They configured AD and wants to integrate their outlook.com address as admin for the SQL Azure
DB.  What will be your recommendation to them. .

* 10. Your customers want to bring their own Custom Keys to encrypt the data ,log files , backup. Is it possible to do that in SQL Azure as of today.

* 11. You are working with field marketing company and they have lot of temp students  , that will be working with the company on short duration project. Your 
customer has good amount of data and they dont want to expose all the
sensitive data to the temp students. What will be your recommendation on
hiding the sensitive data.

* 12. Your customer is checking with you , if its possible to enable MFA to login into the SQL Azure. Based on your understanding , can you confirm or deny if MFA is available for SQL  Azure Db.