* 1. Your customer wants to isolate the cache in its own network, which tier you need to have to provide network isolation.

* 2. Is Redis single-threaded or multi-threaded?

* 3. Your customer wants to automatically split your dataset among multiple
nodes. Which of the following feature set you need to enable split dataset.

* 4. What will this cmdlet  do 

Set-AzureRmRedisCache -ResourceGroupName testGroup -Name prodCache -Size 2.5GB

* 5. Which are the eviction policies supported by Azure Redis Cache?

* 6. When you reboot the Redis cache, will the cache to clear client connections

* 7. Which tier provides options to specify maintenance window for your  Redis

* 8. How many version does Redis metric include

* 9. What does Activity logs provide?

* 10. Does the Activity logs include read (GET) operations?