* 1. What is the key difference between policies and RBAC.

* 2. Every policy definition has conditions under which it is enforced. And, it has
an accompanying action that takes place if the conditions are met.

* 3. You are working with enterprise customer due to legal reason they can only host in certain regions. How will you  go about it.

* 4. You are working for a web development firm , they are looking to start with 
Azure policy what you will be your recommendation to the development lead of the web development firm

* 5. All policy definitions created through the portal use the default mode is "all
mode". In a situation if you use power shell or CLI. Do you need set the values
explicitly to all  type of deployment.

* 6. what will this do 
New-AzureRMPolicyAssignment -Name <assignmentname> -Scope <scope> -imageIds <Approved VM images> -PolicyDefinition $definition

* 7. Of these definitions which one is property aliases that access the Redis cache.

* 8. You customer dosent want any of windows machine that is deployed on Azure to use hybrid benefit (Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB) ). Does policy
management offer any solution to address this scenario.

* 9. Your customer is very process and cost conscious and the financial controller
mandated all resources that get deployed should have proper tag values for
cost center and product name. The customer has very unique way of naming 
for the tagging. How will you go about it.

* 10. Is it possible to enforce storage account to use blob encryption.