* 1. How do Activity logging get enabled to collect logs from NSG

* 2. Your customer is deploying NSG in classic deployment model and they want
to enable Diagnostic logs. Which of the following statements is valid.

* 3. Select the right tools to enable Diagnostic logging must be enabled for each NSG

* 4. You enabled NSG flow logs and the logs will be stored in blob storage. 
What type of storage is "azuretestapimanagemen161"

* 5. If you set the log retention days to zero , how long the files will be stored.

* 6. What is the format of the log type

* 7. What is the time format ("time": "2017-02-16T22:00:32.8950000Z",)  of the
nsg flow log file 

* 8. From the list below , pick up what information will be available in the flow

* 9. [{"mac":"000D3AF8801A","flowTuples":["1487282512,,,59046,3389,T,I,A"]}. In the following identify the Protocol and the direction of
the traffic

* 10. What are the storage options available for storing the log files.