* 1. What format captured data in Eventhub is written.

* 2. Pick the correct format for the storage naming convention.

* 3. Pick the right time metric of how Azure event is charged.

* 4. Your banking customer is looking to build an event processing system. One key requirement is the sequence of the event.  The ordering of events is extremely important.  Which of the following key strategies you will recommend your
customer to implement.

* 5. Your banking customer wants to implement Eventhub, that doesn't have any noise from other tenants, what type of Eventhub will you recommend.

* 6. The max message size of your client application is 250K , what will you recommend to your customer.

* 7. How are the events distributed by default among the partitions of the event

* 8. "properties": {
"isAutoInflateEnabled": true,
"maximumThroughputUnits": 10
Infer the meaning of above ARM template.

* 9. "captureTime":{

Identity the unit of measure in the above statement.

* 10. Is it possible to send events to an event hub asynchronously?