* 1. What is an event producer

* 2. Where does Azure Eventhub stores the data

* 3. What format event publishers publish the  events

* 4. How is horizontal  scaling implemented in Azure Event hub

* 5. Identify the pattern in which each consumer attempts to read from the same queue or resource.

* 6. Identify the pattern is used by Event Hubs

* 7. What do Event publishers use to identify themselves to the event hub

* 8. The throughput capacity of Event Hubs is controlled by throughput units.  Is the above statement true or false

* 9. Pick the correct min and max throughput units

* 10. What is the maximum number of days for data retention in Eventhub in
Standard Tier

* 11. Your customer is extremely security conscious and if they do not want to
store and protect access keys in your application code or configuration.
which of the feature set they have to use.

* 12. Does Azure Eventhub provide RBAC for managing resources access?