* 1. Verify if the following statement is true or false.

Azure batch enables customers to run large-scale batch jobs and customers
don't need to manage the cluster ,  job scheduler or configure the software to
install, manage, or scale.

* 2. Select the different modes of managing Azure Batch services.

* 3. What is the meaning of intrinsically parallel jobs

* 4. What is the purpose of Message Passing Interface (MPI)

* 5. Where are the application packages stored in Azure Batch?

* 6. Where are the Pool application packages deployed?

* 7. When does Applications get deployed

* 8. You customers have deployed the unattended application, which of the following authentication you need to use.

* 9. Can Batch pools contain both dedicated VMs and low-priority VMs as part of the same pool?

* 10. Pick the prerequisites for creating Batch pool based on the custom image ?