* 1. Does Archive storage tier provide Availability SLA

* 2. Are there any difference in scalability and performance targets with Archive
storage tier in comparison to Hot and Cold storage tiers

* 3. Are there any Latency when extracting data from Azure archive storage

* 4. What is the status message "During rehydration" that help you to check the Archive Status blob property to confirm if the tier has changed?

* 5. Rehydrating several small blobs concurrently may add additional time Vs
Large blob sizes are strongly recommended for optimal performance.
Is the statement true or false ?

* 6. Is it possible to read data from archive storage?

* 7. Does Azure archive storage provide RA-GRS

* 8. What is Blob rehydration

* 9. How are the write operations charged for moving blob-level tiering from  hot->cool, hot->archive, or cool->archive

* 10. How is the read operation charged for reading blob-level tiering
archive->cool, archive->hot, or cool->hot