* 1. Is it possible to deploy Classic Virtual Machines using Azure Resource manager templates

* 2. What will this cmdlet do Get-AzureRmResourceProvider -ListAvailable 

* 3. Imagine you are working for a large enterprise as part of compliance all the activity logs related to resources  has to be stored for 60 days. On the 61st day you are tasked to product the audit report. How would you go about addressing the scenario.

* 4. Your company has started investing into Azure Stack as part of the private
cloud strategy. You are the automation lead for resource deployment.
The CTO wants to ensure there are no additional overheads and he wants  technical operational  teams to able to work in both clouds with little or no retraining. On the given responses , which one is the most optimal path for the customer.

* 5. During maintenance window , one of the system admin accidentally deleted 
couple of resources and you want to prevent the same issue happening in the future. What feature set, will you use to stop accidental deletion of

* 6. You are building a large complex deployment using ARM Template.
The solution is composed of multiple resources. Which feature set of the
ARM  template will you use.

* 7. The developer in your team is complaining  he is deployment code is 
resulting HTTP status code 429 Too many requests. What is the reason 
behind the error.

* 8. What will Azure do when Resource Manager limits read requests
reaches  14,000 per hour and write requests to 1,000 per hour.

* 9. What are the options available to monitor resource usage.

* 10. What type of permission you need to create or delete management locks.