Flash Quiz - Azure API Management

* 1. Azure API Management is PaaS service

* 2. Can customer publish their API to

* 3. What is the key role of Gateway in Azure API Management

* 4. Where can you setup policies

* 5. When you configure Internal Access of API using Azure API Management , which of the following services are accessible through the public internet.

* 6. If you want to expose the same backend API to both external and internal customer , which one of the Azure resource you should use

* 7. Can Azure API Management be deployed in multiple Azure data center

* 8. Azure provides default RBAC Roles to manage Azure API Management

* 9. Can Azure API Management deployed in VNET

* 10. API Management provides native integration to detailed logging and to store full audit history of all the requests and responses , through which of the following technology

* 11. Is it possible to integrated Azure API Management with Azure Active Directory

* 12. Your customer is a large enterprise with complex configuration. They started the API Management POC and customer liked it.  The customer is looking to version control all the API metadata and service configuration information. You are the lead architect and the customer DevOPS lead is curious know what sort of  configuration versioning is available with in Azure API Management.  Pick on the most appropriate options from the responses below.