* 1. Does AKS provide direct access (such as with SSH) to the cluster?

* 2. If you implement AKS do you need to do tasks like cluster upgrades ?

* 3. Can you use tools like  kubectl, helm, or draft to work with AKS

* 4. Your customer is looking to understand costing.  Does your customer has to pay for master nodes.

* 5. What will the following cmdlet do 
az aks create --resource-group myResourceGroup --name myteskakscluster --node-count 3 --generate-ssh-keys

* 6. You created a persistent volume to use with the Kubernetes pods. Pick the
correct statement from below.

* 7. Which of the following can be used as an external data store.

* 8. What type of identity you need to interact with Azure API.

* 9. What will the cmdlet do 
az aks browse --resource-group myAKSrg --name myAKSCluster

* 10. Is it possible to route traffic to multiple services in a Kubernetes cluster?