In-Person & Virtual Programs

Thank you for your interest in presenting at either our in-person annual conference or one of our virtual monthly educational programs! Please use the online form below to submit your proposal and other relevant information.

Good to Know
  • You can prepare your responses in a Word or Text file and then "cut & paste" into the fields in the form.
  • If you have multiple topics/sessions, you are welcome to complete one proposal and then include the different session descriptions as an attachment where indicated on the form.
  • If you would like to present at more than one type of program (e.g. conference and virtual), you will need to complete a separate proposal.
  • Proposals are reviewed regularly by the Education and/or Conference Committees for consideration. If selected you will receive an email from the Chair confirming the presentation and outlining next steps.
  • Proposals are kept on file for up to 2 years.
  • If you have questions, please contact the AzNHA office at (602) 283-3503 or Please note that AzNHA staff are unable to provide status updates beyond confirming that your proposal was received.
While our programs typically do not provide CEUs, we encourage the use of adult-learning methods and interactive components (Q&A; case studies; group discussion, polling, etc.) in addition to lecture/slides to facilitate content acquisition and application by the audience/attendees.

Proposals may only be submitted using this online form - faxed/emailed proposals will not be accepted.
To successfully submit a proposal, you will need to provide the following:
  • Contact Information: including phone and email.
  • Speaker Biographical Statement: demonstrating expertise in the subject matter and experience with presenting.
  • Photo: this will be used in marketing materials (please upload a high-rez photo of your head and shoulders).
  • Presentation Title and Description: this will be used in marketing materials to describe what the session will be about and learning outcomes - what attendees can take away from the session.
  • Audio-Visual Needs: for digitally delivered programs (webinars), we will provide the streaming/recording platform (Zoom), you will need to provide a microphone, camera and internet-connected device; for in-person programs, we will provide at a minimum a microphone; laptop and projector upon request, please indicate any additional needs on the form.
  • Materials: Please indicate if you will have handouts beyond copies of the slides - these are encouraged, especially those that are models, samples, etc.
Other optional fields on the form include:
  • Honorarium/Expenses: if you are requesting an honorarium and/or expect reimbursement for expenses, please indicate in the space provided.
  • Speaking Video: if you are a professional speaker or requesting an honorarium, please provide a video of you speaking to an audience.
Proposal Review Process Guidelines
Presentations proposals are reviewed on a regular basis by our Education/Conference Committees using the following guidelines:
  • Relevance to primary audiences and practical application of material to in-home care company owners and staff.
  • Timely or innovative topic
  • Clearly defined objectives and focus
  • Teaching experience of presenter(s)
  • Overall quality of presentation/presenter
  • Freedom from commercial bias (presentations that overtly promote use of a specific company's product or service are typically not considered).

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2. Session Type [check all that apply]

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3. Please enter the date this proposal is good through [if no date is indicated, the proposal will be kept on file for 2 years].