Thank you for choosing Axial International College as your preferred education provider in Australia. 

As you have been unable to provide evidence of your English abilities you are required to complete our Axial International College English Language Skills Placement Test.

Our English Language Skills Placement Test is based on an Intermediate level of English. If you achieve a score of 65, you will have demonstrated that you have the minimum Intermediate level of English that we require. If you are unable to complete the test, or score lower than 60, you may be required to complete additional English language studies before undertaking a course at Axial International College.

This English Test is designed to test your reading, writing and grammar skills. You may also be required to complete a speaking comprehension assessment, which may be completed in person or over the telephone.

We will notify you within 5 working days (Monday-Friday) of your results and which courses you qualify for at Axial International College.

Please read the questions carefully before answering and take your time - don't rush!.

This test will take approximately 45 - 60 minutes to complete. Please ensure that you complete all questions.

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