Our Awesome Planet - The Turning Point in 2018

Dearest Our Awesome Planet Friends,

Awesome Greetings!

First of all, thank you for all the awesome support for 13 years (since 2005)! Thanks for the honest feedback in the survey last year which greatly influenced my directions for OAP and help me evolved over the years. After a year, I would like to get feedback on how OAP and Team Our Awesome Planet met your expectation.

We are changing our content and business model in 2018 and today is the turning point.

I want to make sure to incorporate as much feedback as possible on how to continue what's working, to correct what's not, and to understand your expectations for OAP for the years to come.

I've always considered you to be a crucial part of our advisory board and you can make a difference with your answers in the survey.

I read all the survey feedbacks (both positive and negative) and it directly influences my plans and directions for OAP.

AWESOME THANKS for caring enough to answer this survey!

Live an Awesome Life,

Founder and Creator

Question Title

* 1. Overall, How satisfied are you with www.OurAwesomePlanet.com Blog?

  I hate it! Could be improved Just OK Very Satisfied AWESOME!
How would you rate the articles?
How would you rate the writing?
How would you rate the photography?
How would you rate the videos?

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* 2. I'm launching the Patreon page for Our Awesome Planet and I would like to get your feedback on the tier membership levels.

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. I want to be less reliant on ads and sponsored campaigns. I want to get funded by our readers - our patrons who supported us throughout the years.

In return, will provide you with the following patron benefits:

Tier 1 - Coffee / Beer Cheers $5/month
• Member to an exclusive Patron-only closed Facebook group
• Advisory Council: Give suggestions/feedback on content features for OAP

Tier 2 - Lunch Treat $10/month
All of Tier 1 plus 
• Priority/ Early Bird Access to all Our Awesome Planet events and programs
• Personal Online Access. I'll help you with your online projects, or if you need advise and tips on your next adventure.

Tier 3 - Dinner Celebration $25/month
All of Tier 2 plus
• Be my guest to all Our Awesome Planet events and programs
• Let's have dinner if you are in Manila (or on the road)

What do you think? Any comments or suggestions?

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* 3. We just reached 10k Subscribers in Youtube - woohoo! (https://www.youtube.com/ourawesomeplanet). We will focus more on building our YT channel in 2018 and beyond.

We want to create video series in our YT channel on topics that will have social impact and will make a difference in the lives of foodies, travelers and the Filipino community specially the Gen Z generation.

If I can create a Video series for you, what would it be?
Is there a video content that you wished that are available online?

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* 4. If there is only one thing I can do, what change would most improve Our Awesome Planet ?

(Be brutally honest so that I can improve it...)

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* 5. Can you give me a testimonial on how Our Awesome Planet was able to help you Live an Awesome Life?

(Please indicate your name and email address or how you can to be credited. I plan to include it to support marketing of Our Awesome Planet Projects)