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To better serve our members and the community, the Asheville Jewish Community Center is seeking input from important stakeholders to support a strategic planning process. We request your participation in this planning effort. Please complete this survey by Friday, December 7. 

Survey results will be shared with the JCC Board and staff through a report that will include average ratings and comments. We will also share the findings at a Community Meeting that will be open to all who are interested. 

To show our appreciation for completing this survey, we will send two pool passes in the mail to you. Please share your address at the end of this survey so we can do that. In the following questions, please check N/A if you do not know or have no opinion on the question. We appreciate your input!

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* What is your association with the Asheville JCC? Please select all that apply.

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* How many people are in your household?

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* How long have you been involved with the Asheville JCC?

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* How frequently do you attend JCC programs?