Military Aviation Art Collectors Survey 2018


Dear Aviation Art Collectors,

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. My goal is to better understand the mindset of collectors that are based in Australia (both old and new) and try to understand what drives them. With these insights I then hope to embark on a long but passionate journey of ensuring that this important passtime and link with history continues for generations to come. In exchange for your valuable insights, I on behalf of A20 will be awarding some gifts (awarded randomly) to those who participate.

1 x “Looking For Trouble” limited edition print signed by Sir John Gorton valued at $300 (first hand, mint condition) View here

1x Robert Taylor - Air Combat Paintings VI (Book) View here

1 x Military Gallery Commemorative Collection (Book) View here

10x Military Gallery 2018 collectable calendars View Here

10x Military Gallery collectable postcards

Hopefully all the above-mentioned items are of interest to any and all collectors. We are only too happy to share them with you.

The winners will be announce on and the A20 Aviation Facebook group page on Friday the 11th of May, 2018.

Thanks again, and I look forward to reviewing the results and sharing them with you in the future.

James Forbes
A20 Aviation Art - Director


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* 1. Life is...

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* 2. If you are selected to win one of the prizes what email address would you like us to contact you at?  (Optional, you don't need to provide us your contact details)

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* 3. Your postcode

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* 4. Internet usage

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* 5. Have you ever served in the defense force? If so when and where?

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* 6. Has a family member ever served? If so when, and where?

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* 7. What best describes your current aviation art collecting status at the present time?

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* 8. Why do you collect military aviation art? Tick any that you feel passionately describes you. (You can choose more than one)

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* 9. How do you feel when you look at your collection? (either framed or tucked away) How do they make you feel? Tell us in your own words.

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* 10. Would you attend an aviation art exhibition with artists, publishers and war veterans if it were in your local area?

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* 11. What would make you more likely to order prints online? Choose as many as apply and/or tell us in your own words.