Avery County Comprehensive Transportation Plan Survey

Avery County, the High Country RPO, and NCDOT's Transportation Planning Branch are seeking public input as part of Avery County's Comprehensive Transportation Planning process. Please complete this short survey to let us know your area's transportation issues and needs.

Your answers will help guide the development of the Avery County's Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). During the CTP process, the county's future transportation needs will be determined and solutions will be recommended. Alternative modes of transportation will also be studied. The process will involve local government officials and the public. Public workshops will be held in the future to receive additional input on the transportation issues in Avery County.
Please complete by April 30th, 2013
This survey is available online at
and paper copies can be returned to:

Daniel Sellers
North Carolina Dept of Transportation
1554 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699

* 1. Please provide the zip code of your local residence in Avery County.

* 2. Which would you describe yourself as?

* 3. On average, how many months do you spend in Avery County each year?

* 4. On a normal day, approximately how much of your travel takes place within Avery County?

* 5. Please select the destination of your typical daily commute (work, school, or shopping). (check only one)

* 6. How do you typically commute in Avery County?

* 7. Approximately how far is your daily commute in Avery County?

  Less than Five Six to Ten Eleven to Fifteen Sixteen to Twenty More than Twenty

* 8. Please rate each of the transportation system goals from 1-Not Important to 5-Very Important.

  1-Not Important 2-Less Important 3-Neutral 4-Important 5-Very Important
Service to Elderly and Disabled
Consistent Travel Times
Reduced Congestion
Transportation Mode Choice (Walking, Biking)
Expand Public Transit Options
Economic Growth
Expand Tractor-Trailer Access
Environmental Protection
Community and Cultural Preservation
Regional Connectivity (Out-of-County)

* 10. What routes in Avery County do you most commonly use?

* 11. The trade-off between building major roadway facilities (such as a four lane highway) and their impacts on things like the environment, farmland, mountain characteristics, and community cohesion, are often difficult to balance. The case for a four lane road into Avery County has been made for economic reasons. Do you feel the potential benefits of a four-lane facility through Avery County outweighs the potential impacts of such a facility?

* 12. When traveling in your area, do you find that you often have to go out of your way to get to your destination because the most direct route is too congested? If yes, please list specific locations of problems and alternate routes taken.

* 13. What are the key transportation challenges you face in Avery County?

* 14. What destinations in Avery County are difficult to access?

* 15. Are there areas where you would like to see sidewalks constructed or improved?

* 16. Are there locations you would like to see served (or better served) by public transit? (Bus, vanpool, etc.)

* 17. Would you support widening existing roads to help accommodate the use of bicycles?

* 18. To address the traffic problems in the area, which improvements should be considered? (Check all that apply)

* 19. Should we be spending more or less money on the following?

  1-Much Less 2-Less 3-Same 4-More 5-Much More
Maintaining existing residential roads/streets
Building new major roads
Maintaining major streets, roads, and highways
Paving unpaved roads
Creating or expanding bus service
Expanding carpooling or vanpooling programs
Building new sidewalks
Building new bike lanes
Building new greenways
Providing streetlights
Providing signage

* 20. How did you find out about the survey?

* 21. Any other comments or suggestions you would like to share with us?