Claimant Satisfaction Survey for Ontario Accident Victims

This survey is for Accident Victims who were injured in Ontario Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVCs). The purpose of this survey is to collect information regarding victims' experience in regards to obtaining Ontario Accident Benefits from insurers. Absolutely no personal information is collected or shared.

The Accident Benefit Coalition (ABC) consists of a membership of Ontarians concerned with issues surrounding the provinces' mandatory Accident Benefits. It was founded by NeuroConnect and FAIR Association and is committed to advocating for Accident Victims in Ontario.

For more information on the Accident Benefit Coalition, please visit or email

* 1. In what city do you live?

* 2. What is your date of injury?

Date / Time

* 3. What insurance company did your claim(s) go through?

* 4. How were you injured?

* 5. How was your injury categorized?

* 6. Was the process of making a claim explained to you (including what was available to you through the Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule) by your insurer?

* 7. Were the forms required to submit your claim made available to you?

* 8. How overall satisfied were you with your insurer?

* 9. In general, how supportive do you feel your insurer was to you during your recovery?

* 10. Overall, how helpful would you rate your insurance adjuster(s)?

* 11. In your opinion, how quickly were your benefits approved by the adjuster/insurer?

* 12. How often were you sent for insurer examinations before your treatment was approved/denied?

* 13. How many medical assessments did your insurance company require you to attend?

* 14. Were you treated with dignity and respect while attending the insurer medical examination (IME)?

* 15. Was the insurer medical examination (IME) report an accurate reflection of your injuries or what you told the assessor?

* 16. Did you feel the need to contact your lawyer or the assessor's office to make corrections when you received the medical report?

* 17. How often were the treatment plans you required for medical and rehabilitation therapies denied?

* 18. In your opinion, how quickly did you receive your income replacement benefits?

* 19. How difficult did you find the initial claims process (eg. were you able to find, understand and fill out the forms you needed)?

* 20. Overall, how stressful did you find the day to day hassles of obtaining your accident benefits?

* 21. Overall, how often were you depressed or anxious solely because of dealings with your insurance company?

* 22. Overall, how would you rank your insurance company in helping you achieve maximum rehabilitation?

* 23. Did you ever feel bullied or abused by your insurer?

* 24. Overall, how likely would you be to recommend this insurance company to family or friends?

* 25. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?