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To add value to the work I am doing within the Australian plus-size Industry, it's crucial that I have facts & data to back up my "voice" on all things curvy.  This is for YOU, you are the customer, you know what you want and need. YOUR voice needs to be heard, so by taking the time to complete this survey, you can be assured that your opinions will be expressed and put forward. The information provided by you will not be sold or released me, Janine Mison, to any 3rd party and will be reported anonymously. 
This survey is all about customer service and how it impacts how you feel when shopping in a store, whether there's a different expectation of service depending on whether you are shopping in a plus-size specific store vs. a general retailer and how this may or may not affect your buying habits.
Thank you for your participation.
Love your shape!
Janine x

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* 5. Generally in women's fashion the customer service assistants are female, however in some department stores it can often be a male customer service assistant. Do you have a preference for customer service?