Thank you to all who attended or supported the March for Science Australia, and marches around the world. As we have said, we plan for this to be a continuing event. We want to keep the momentum going, and to keep defending science and scientists.

Our Vision

Empower supporters
to strengthen the role of science in policymaking

Connect communities
to improve science communication and outreach

Engage the public
to foster a diverse and inclusive scientific community

In short, our goal is to champion science for the common good.

So what's next?

We want to know: what do you want to see moving forward? If the March for Science Australia continues as an organisation, what do you think it should do? What services should it provide, or events should it arrange? How to we continue marching forward? Please help us best serve the scientific community and the general public by filling out this brief survey.

* 1. Please select your age group: (Optional)

* 2. What is your level of education?

* 3. Do you work/study in a STEM(M) field? (Optional. STEM fields include, science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.)

* 4. How did you hear about the March for Science?

* 5. Which city did you march or rally in (including virtually)?

* 6. If you could not march or rally due to location, where are you located?

* 7. If you could not march or rally for other reasons, please explain (optional)