The Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA) has prepared this survey to help your firm understand what you think about travel, including commuting, business travel and travel options. It is hoped that the information will help your firm support your travel preferences and help you and your firm choose more sustainable travel options.

AusLSA also aims to prepare a report using responses from all member firms on commuting practices across the Australian legal sector.

Thank you for your time.

* 1. Your firm name:

How far do you have to travel to your usual place of work?

How long does your commute to work (one way) usually take?

How do you travel to work?

  4 - 5 days per week Approx 3 days / week 1 - 2 days / week 1 - 2 days / month
Car with driver
Drive myself
Car pool with family or others
Motorcycle/Motor scooter
Virtually (I work from home)

If you answered that you drive to work, please rate some of the reasons below for influence over your choice to drive (rather than take public transport/cycle/walk).

  Primary reason Reason 2 Reason 3 Reason 4 And finally...
I don't have to pay for parking
I get a car with my salary package
I can arrive and leave work as needed
I often work really late and it's safer
I have to carry a lot of stuff
Clothing and hair issues makes cycling difficult
Public transport is horrible
I need to do the school run (or other errands)
I need my car at work to go to meetings
I live too far away to cycle and too far from train/tram/bus
The car is more comfortable, private and convenient
Some else drives so I can work during the trip

If you don't cycle to work at all or very often, how effective would these initiatives be in convincing you to cycle to work more often?

  I'm starting tomorrow! I'd try to cycle more often Never gonna happen
Better showering facilities
Better bike storage facilities
Clothes laundry service
More casual days in the office
A work iPad instead of carrying piles of paperwork
An incentive, like 5min holiday leave credit for every day I cycle
Visiting bike repair service

If you don't catch public transport at all (or very often) how effective would these initiatives be in convincing you to jump on a train/tram/bus more often?

  I'm starting tomorrow I'd try it a bit more often Never gonna happen
Assistance to buy/afford an annual travel pass
Routes/timetable/travel info at work
Self-defence classes
An incentive, like subsidised tickets or breakfast provisions at work