August Recess: Activism priorities for Americans of Conscience

Our own August recess

By telling me which issues are most important to you, I can be sure to include these in the simpler August checklists. Note: All responses are confidential, and used only for preparing my checklist. I appreciate your time. Thank you so much for your input!

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* 1. What topics take priority in your OWN activism efforts each week?

  Not a priority Occasionally a priority Often a priority My greatest priority
Climate crisis: Pipelines, fracking, alternative energy sources
Healthcare: Medicaid, preexisting conditions, affordability, etc.
Immigration, DREAMers, and a path to citizenship
Education: Kids, teachers, testing, affordability, loans
Veterans' rights
Constitutional rights: Freedom of press, speech, assembly, etc.
Fairness in law enforcement and justice system
Integrity in politics: Opposing Trump & Co, extremism, and dishonesty
Campaign finance and reducing dark money in politics
Gun control
Voting: Access, registration, gerrymandering, and security
Planet: Habitat, endangered species, science, food and water
Online privacy and net neutrality
Workers' rights: Jobs, living wage, organizing, safety
Equality: For women, people of color, LGBTQI+, religions, classes, abilities
Women's access to reproductive services and abortion
US Terrorism, foreign or domestic
Peace, diplomacy, and opposing war

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* 2. Which sections of the weekly Action Checklist do you use or read?

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* 3. How to you usually receive my weekly checklist?