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* Please select your gender.

* Please select the age range that you fall into.

* Please indicate the city and state in which you live.

* Have you ever used a pressure washer?

* How much would you consider spending on a pressure washer?

* Would you rather own a gas powered pressure washer or an electric pressure washer? Why?

* Would your choice of pressure washer be swayed by a model that was more efficient with fuel and/or water?

* Generally, how long do you use a pressure washer for during one use?

* Have you ever suffered any of the following while using a pressure washer?

* Are you particular to any certain brand(s)?

* Please rank what you feel most important when buying a pressure washer.

  Very Important Moderately Important Neutral Less Importance
Design (Features / Accessories)
Specs (Gallons per Minute, Pressure per Square Inch, Horsepower, etc.)

* If you did not have access to a pressure washer, what alternative products might you use?

* Most pressure washers require routine maintenance (oil change, winterizing, air filter change, etc.)

How dedicated do you feel you are about making sure routine maintenance is performed?

  Very Dedicated Moderately Dedicated Occasionally Dedicated Not Dedicated N/A
oil change/check
air filter cleaning/replacement

* What is the most frustrating thing about using a pressure washer?

* Have you ever used a pressure washer that broke down? If yes, what was the problem?

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