Donegal Presbytery Summer Festival of Worship

Join congregations all across the presbytery this summer for our online Summer Festival of Worship!

Each Sunday from June 28 – September 13, one of our congregations will host online worship for the presbytery. All other congregations are invited to join that church for worship that week. It’s a great way to become more connected as we join together in worship. And it’s a terrific way to handle the Sundays when a pastor is off for vacation or study leave. Or weeks when it would benefit the congregation for the pastor to devote time to other projects rather than worship/sermon preparation.

One of the things that makes this a great opportunity is that the size of the church doesn’t matter. Many of our churches have discovered ways to offer online worship since the start of the pandemic. We’ll be able to visit many of our congregations without needing to drive! Another great thing is that this will not impact offerings, since all of our churches have discovered ways to receive offerings online or by mail. And, of course, one of the biggest benefits is that this avoids the need to come up with pulpit supply during a summer when normal worship is disrupted and it is far more difficult to find preachers who can handle your current arrangements.

What Do We Need to Do to Host Worship?
In order to be a worship host, the congregation needs to offer online worship available on Sunday morning. This worship service can be pre-recorded or livestreamed. It might be the only form of worship, if the church is waiting to resume in-person gatherings. Or it might be livestreamed or recorded for those who are worshiping from home, while others gather in person.

Churches hosting worship will provide their worship information to the Summer Festival of Worship Coordinator, and agree to greet the congregations that are joining them virtually on their host Sunday.

If you’d like to host, please sign up as soon as you can, as we have many more congregations with online worship than available summer slots!

How Do We Sign Up to Attend Worship with the Host Congregation? How Will We Get the Information?

In order to register your congregation to attend on your chosen Sundays, simply fill out the SurveyMonkey registration form. This will let the presbytery and the host congregation know you are planning to join them and allow your congregation to be greeted by name. If you need to have your congregation join at the last minute and haven’t signed up, that’s fine too.

The list of host congregations, and how to access the worship service will be posted on the presbytery Summer Festival of Worship section on the presbytery webpage. Every Thursday this information will be sent out to pastors and clerks of sessions by email as well.

Any Questions? Contact Executive Presbyter Erin Cox-Holmes or Stated Clerk Michael Wilson for more information!