Attachment B: Expenditures


Estimate the amount and percentage of Quality Full-Day Kindergarten grant funds spent on the following grant objectives in FY2012. Adding down 1. a - n should result in the total FY2012 grant amount. (For districts with supplemental funds originating with CPC, include how the funds were spent in the appropriate grant objective line and indicate with an asterisk*.)

* 1. Next to the grant objective, list the amount ($) spent in FY2012:

* 2.a. Estimate the total per-classroom cost of operating a full-day kindergarten classroom, including this grant ($).

* 2.b. Please list the categories of costs that were factored in to the above listed estimate in Question 2.a. (e.g., teacher salaries, salaries of instructional aides, benefits, professional development, supplies/materials, etc.).

* 3. What percentage (%) of the per-class room cost is paid by this grant?