* 1. Athlete's Name

* 2. Parent(s) name that is view/reading the code with the student .

* 3. Do your middle school grades carry over and effect high school eligibility?

* 4. What grades are used when determining athletic eligibility?

* 5. 3. Can athletes regain eligibility at mid-terms if they are passing all their classes and meet all the other requirement to be eligible?

* 6. How long do students have to remove an INC?

* 7. How many 4th term grades can be made up in summer school?

* 8. Can you practice or play if you are tardy or absent from school that day and it is for an unexcused reason?

* 9. Did you read ALL of pages 5, 7-9, and 15-17?

* 10. What paperwork must be turned in to your coach or high school office before you can play or practice? Check all that apply

* 11. If you received a concussion, do you need a medical doctor’s permission before you can play or practice again?

* 12. After a contest how long will a coach wait before talking about any dispute brought to him/her?

* 13. --(Athlete) I have viewed/read the athletic code and understand its policies.

* 14. (Parent) I have viewed/read the athletic code with my son/daughter and understand its policies.

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