Thank you for taking the time to complete the attached survey. Your responses will assist us in continuing to create resources, materials and training opportunities needed by Iowans.

* 1. What County and State do you reside?

* 2. Help us get to know you better. Please mark which of these categories apply. Mark all that apply.

* 3. Participants had an opportunity to interact with presenter(s) and ask questions.

* 4. Presenter was effective in engaging the audience and making the subject matter compelling

* 5. Information presented was relevant to my job/needs

* 6. Presentation was presented in a clear and well structured format

* 7. This training had a positive effect on my awareness of assistive technology

* 8. This training had a positive effect on my skills and knowledge as their pertain to supporting or serving individuals as as they may need assistive technology

* 9. This training increased my awareness of resources available for assistive technology.

* 10. What were the strengths of today's training?

* 11. What were the weaknesses of today's training?

* 12. What additions or deletions would you suggest?

* 13. Other comments?