Community Survey 2016

The Town of Assiniboia has received a grant to begin Cultural Planning. The first step will be to do cultural asset mapping, which will document all amenities, features, stories and buildings, which are all cultural factors that contribute to the vitality of people living in Assiniboia. These assets will be identified by the community and assist in exploring what culture means to Assiniboia. Your input into the process is most important.
Please take the next 10 minutes to fill out the following survey.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

(All individual responses will be kept in confidence and protected when used in a group form, when documents are shared with the community.)

* 1. When thinking about Assiniboia and the word ‘culture’, what immediately comes to mind?

* 2. What are your three favourite tangible cultural resources in Assiniboia (e.g. places, people, buildings…)?

* 3. What are your three favourite intangible cultural resources in Assiniboia (e.g. stories, traditions, achievements, or anything that makes Assiniboia unique)?

* 4. How many cultural programs and activities have you participated in the last year in Assiniboia?

* 5. Please share what your top 3 were (e.g. community gatherings; events; performances; sporting events; taking classes; visits to the museum, art gallery, others; sightseeing; others)

* 6. Are you able to take part in all the cultural activities that you would like to in Assiniboia?

* 7. Please share any reasons why you may not be able to participate or attend a cultural activity below:

* 8. Where do you most likely find out information about cultural events and activities in Assiniboia?

* 9. What suggestions do you have for improving Assiniboia’s cultural resources and network?

* 10. What are some things you would like to see on your Main Street related to enhancing the cultural landscape of Assiniboia?

* 11. What are the three words that come to mind when thinking about the best future vision for culture in Assiniboia?

* 12. To further the success of cultural development in the community of Assiniboia, what role do you see for…?

* 13. Please share any other related thoughts/ideas below…